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I was so happy I got the laser treatment. It was fast, painless, and easy. No shot was required and it made getting a cavity filled so easy. I would strongly recommend it to everyone!


Dr. Bills and his amazing staff are ALL courteous, conscientious people who are always at their best. Treatment, scheduling, insurance authorization and billing all executed professionally and with a smile. It makes going to the dentist not the dreaded experience it used to be!


The laser treatment was great! It was fast and painless. The best cavity filling I have had. I would highly recommend it.


If you wish to be treated with warmth, respect, and kindness this is the dentist office for you. They offer great care and are willing to work with those of us who have no insurance. Truly a fantastic office!


I loved how fast and efficient the laser was. I loved that my little boy didn’t have to get a shot and could leave without a numb mouth! It’s just amazing!


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Dr. Bills' office today. Instead of a rattling drill bouncing around in my mouth, I had a couple cavities taken care of by the new laser that really cut down on pain. In fact, on the last tooth they worked on, I struggled to stay awake!


Dr. Bradley Bills is such a nice, friendly, caring, and thoughtful dentist! He explains everything he is doing and really does a wonderful job on your teeth. I always feel like he takes the time to listen to my concerns and and help me feel in charge of my dental health. I would highly recommend him!


I liked the laser. It made the whole process a lot quicker and easier!


Going to the dentist is usually never an enjoyable experience. Especially when you hear those dreaded words, "you have a cavity". Our new dentist, Dr. Bills and his staff have been absolutely fantastic though! New technology with little or no pain and very friendly staff! I highly recommend them!


I love the laser. No pain! It was great. I would highly recommend it.


I got to experience the new laser today! It was such a good experience. No longer do you need a shot, and the procedure is so quick and painless! And then leaving without a numb mouth was the best perk of all! 100% love the new laser and would recommend Dr. Bills to everyone!


My husband had a cavity treated with the laser today. It was fast and painless. No anesthetic required! Would highly recommend Dr. Bills.


Dr. Bills is the best dentist ever. Always a good experience when I go in.


Dr. Bills is the best! So caring and gentle and the staff is awesome and so friendly!


Dr. Bills and everyone in his office were Awesome today! He's our dentist for the whole family now!


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